[Tip*] Play Pokemon Go Without Moving – Fake Location/Fake GPS

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving. Pokemon Go is the biggest controversial game of all times, due to Nintendo’s own faults this game has lost its charm. Only if they have provided many features along with the option to fight any player you want, they would have easily won the hearts of all the people all around the world and that would have been like forever too. But they made mistakes and stop users from playing the game the way they want them to be. They put bans on those who were doing mass evolution, but that was the only way to upgrade your level in the game. They banned those who were using a Rooted device, irrespective of the fact that they weren’t using any bots or Fake GPS kind of stuff to move their character in the game, doing spoofing or whatever.

However, not all the countries have the luxuries of dozen of PokeStops and Gyms like we get to see in Central Park, so if players won’t find any PokeStop near them and they are out of stuff, they are forced to use the Spoofing technique. However, you need to be careful and precise in following this method, otherwise, you won’t be doing anything except wasting your time. And if you are caught doing this, your account will be banned, in order to do this you first need a rooted device and you also have to make sure that the Pokemon Go won’t detect your device as a rooted one. The best option is to use this method on an Android emulator, so you can easily mess with anything you want and still be safe about your device. Furthermore, your battery will be safe as you are not playing the game on your mobile.Let’s start the method to use Play Pokemon Go Without Moving using any Android based Emulator running on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X, however, if you are interested in other apps, visit our Android Apps for PC section and locate your favorite ones, without further ado, let us continue.

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving - Fake Location/Fake GPS

How to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

  1. Open your desired emulator and do the following.
  2. Download and Install Lucky Patcher
  3. Open the Fakegps apk file and Select “Install as System App”
  4. Open Lucky Patcher and Click Rebuild and Install at the bottom.
  5. Search for the FakeGPS.apk file and select it
  6. Now Open Lucky Patcher and hit Filter button.
  7. Select Sort as System Apps.
  8. Click FakeGPS and launch it.
  9. In FakeGPS settings, make sure that Expert Mode is checked.
  10. Make Sure Enable your Windows GPS too.
  11. Now Launch FakeGPS from Lucky Patcher and Search for any Location, New York Etc.
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