Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords- Updated 2016 Working 100%

Premium Services are always better than the free ones, after all, they are premium, but then again, Premium services requires payment and not all of us are in a good mood to pay for them and most of us don’t have enough resources to pay. Netflix is an online video streaming community in the USA, the initiate was set way back in 1997. Apart from the USA, it also provides community services to nearby countries too. As always if was released free for everyone but was the time passed, they start providing services to those who pay for them, thus restricting a huge number of users to stream videos on it. But then again this is the world of Internet, where magic with a little touch of Piracy happens very often and we are here to do that in the shape of Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords.

Despite that Netflix is paid still, it was able to attract millions of users all around the globe, but those who can’t pay for them are looking for alternate solutions. One of the very best among them is the Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords, giving such power to anyone gives them the upper right to watch any video they want on Netflix. The list of has been updated, so those who have tried the old list and found it as not working, must try this new and let’s see how many of you are lucky enough to get the premium service for a lifetime, otherwise, one Month trial is still there do enjoy it while it lasts.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords

Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords: [Updated]

  • Username/Email:
  • Password: diecast8
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass:111961982
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass:123bread
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass: odessa58
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass: marmota2
  • Username/
  • Pass:hipp0000
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass: danbrown2
  • Username/Email:
  • Pass:substation232
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